Bored In the Bedroom? Time For Something New

If you are a bit bored with your bedroom routine, you are not alone. One of the questions that I get the most is “how can I introduce something new into the bedroom without hurting my partner’s feelings?”

The desire to try something new in bed should be an easy conversation to have since you are already intimate with someone. For many reasons this conversation tends to be very difficult.Some people even opt to avoid the conversation altogether and settle on an unsavory sex life.

There is no need to surrender to boring sex. If you do want to introduce some new things into the boudoir here are a few things that will ease the conversation…

Make it a sexy movie night.

Next time you are staying in, declare that it is sexy movie night. Break out some aphrodisiac foods and serve up some wine then the two of you can watch something that will spark some creativity.

Two movies that I always recommend are 9 1/2 Weeks and Secretary, both flicks have a touch of kink and sensuality. Either one will start a conversation since the scenes leave very little to the imagination. If you have seen both of the movies, there is always Cinemax affectionately known as Skinamax. Late at night Cinemax plays a bit of softcore erotic movies, while they are cheesy, they are fun to watch for ideas on role play.

Write a fantasy diary.

A wonderful way to share your fantasies with your partner is a fantasy diary. How this work is, each of you writes down your fantasies in a diary then exchange them so that you can read what each other wrote. Writing this information allows for the person to be completely open and honest.It also leaves less of a chance for an awkward conversation.

What’s great about a fantasy diary is that you might find that your partner wants to try the same thing and you never knew it. These diaries should be fun and exciting to write and read. Have fun with them, it’s just for the two of you.

Sometimes the best way is with a good conversation.

Last but not least you could just keep it real and opt for a heart to heart conversation. Sure it may be a difficult one, but remember if you are not thrilled about what is going on in the sack your partner probably is not either.

If one of you does not bring it up, there may be bigger consequences such as one or both of your looking for good loving some place else. Of course, sex is not everything in a relationship, but is important. This is the type of conversation that is also about timing.

Having the conversation right after sex is not recommended because it could generate insecurities and hurt feelings. Do not forget to watch your tone, things should be said in a loving way. Be upfront about what you need and desire. Working together will bring results and a happy ending to the both of you.


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