A Good Old Fashion Travel Spell

This is an easy spell to help bring more traveling/journey into your life.  Get your passport ready!

Magick tools needed:

• A small hand held fan
• Dish of fresh mint
• A small light feather

The fan should be a hand held, the kind that you wave. In other words an old school fan, like they use to do in churches or one of those cute Chinese fans. As for the feather, it should be small and light, kind of like the ones from a goose down pillow.

When you are ready to conjure, breathe in the smell of mint. Breathe in slowly and take your time. Begin to  visualize yourself in different places, seeing different landscapes, places you have always wanted to go. Toss the little feather in the air, and use the fan to blow it around the room. Try to keep it airborne as you see yourself visiting/moving new places in the near future.

Eventually, let the feather land in the dish of mint, then take a few more sniffs of the mint to slowly close out of the ritual and bring your energy back in. Repeat this for the whole week, every morning (or night). Don’t forget to put an intention into this spell, it is the most important ingredient.

Blessed be!

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