Van Gogh Vodka Drinks For Team Spirit During The Super Bowl

I am all about the Super Bowl this year. It has the potential of being a great one. While I have a soft spot for the Manning men, I gotta go with Cam Newton and the Panthers. The team is so excited and hungry in the best possible way. They make the game fun to watch!

One of the most important decisions you will make as you watch the Super Bowl is what you decide to drink. Between the game, commercials, and half-time entertainment, a good cocktail is a requirement. One of the best vodkas that you can mix and play with is Van Gogh Vodka. It’s a smooth vodka that is perfect for sipping during a long game.

For the Denver Bronco fans, The Bronco cocktail, with the Van Gogh Oranje Vodka will help you be “United in Orange”. On the flip side, if the stand with the Carolina Panthers, then The Panther with the Van Gogh Acai- Blueberry is the cocktail for you. Meow!

These cocktails would be the perfect touch for a Super Bowl party or if you are just chilling with a friend or two as you watch the game at home.


1 1/2 oz. Van Gogh Oranje Vodka

3 oz. Orange Juice

1 oz. Club Soda

Pour vodka and juice into an ice-filled highball glass rimmed with blue sugar.  Stir and top with orange juice and garnish with an orange slice.



1 oz. Van Gogh Acai-Blueberry Vodka

1/2 oz. Blue Curacao

5 oz. Lemonade

1/2 oz. Triple Sec

Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into an ice filled highball glass rimmed with silver sugar.  Garnish with floating blueberries.


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