PAIR Wine & Cheese in Brooklyn: A Delicious Pairing Experience

PAIR Wine & Cheese is a quaint restaurant in Brooklyn that serves up wine and cheese pairings. You can also get fondue and charcuterie paired with wine. It is a restaurant that is a gem especially when you are looking for a different experience. I recently went to nosh the night away! 

When pairing cheese and wine together it can be a hit or miss. However when the right cheese is put with the right wine, it is the perfect marriage. I tasted quite a few delicious French cheeses and wines at PAIR that were curated for us by the owner, Chung Park. Since 1992 Park has been a cheesemonger. He has not only worked for cheese importers but has worked as a manager at Murray’s Cheese and Artisanal Bistro, two of the finest places to get cheese in New York city.  

If you crave something to nosh on besides cheese, there is a menu of snacks and sharing plates.The lamb ribs were quite tender and juicy. I don’t normally eat lamb, but the ribs were so good I could not resist them. The were falling off the bone with each bite.

PAIR is a great spot for a date or girl’s night out. Its environment is warm and cozy, which is great for the fall and winter. There is also a patio area to eat in during the warm months. If you do not know what to get, I suggest trying one of the Pair of Pairs on the menu which is suggested cheese and wine pairings. My two favorite wines of the evening were the Muscadet and Sancerre, those wines are fabulous with cheese.

If there is a cheese that you have during your meal, you can always take it to go.That is one of the unique aspects of PAIR. All of the cheeses and charcuterie on the menu are available at their store in front of the restaurant.

For those of you who want to expand your wine education, PAIR has a flight school where you can learn about pairing cheese and wine from different regions. There is a class each month with four wine and cheese pairings.


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