A Taste of Chile: Santa Digna Estelado Rosé, Pisco Mistral, & Chilean Truffles

When I was invited me to tag along and check out some Chilean wines on a boat, I jumped at the chance. Like most people, I have indulged in a bottle or two of the Chilean wine, Gato Negro, due to the inexpensive price. There is so much more going on with wines from the region. Did you know that Chile’s wine history dates back to the 16th century? There was much for me to discover as I chatted with some of the top importers from Chile.

Authentic empanadas were served as well as deviled eggs topped with truffles from Chile. The truffles were flown in for the occasion and are so exclusive you have to know the right importer to get them. It is the first time that truffles are being cultivated in the region. I felt like a queen as I ate them, they were exquisite.

There are various wines to sip throughout the evening. As you know I am the kinda girl that loves bubbly, especially a good rosé brut. When I tasted the Santa Digna Estelado Rosé I instantly fell in love. This fabulous rosé is made in the same method as champagne. That is always a big bonus, especially when you want a good sparkling wine at an affordable price. The aromas are a mix of cherry, plum, strawberries, and floral notes. The wine is made by Miguel Torres Chile, one of the largest and highly regarded wineries in Chile.


A highlight of the evening was learning about Pisco Mistral and meeting Claudia Olmedo, the Pisco Sommelier. Made in winemaking regions of Chile, pisco is a sensual and potent brandy. It is the national drink of Chile. The only way I had tried pisco up until that point was in a pisco sour. Let’s just say, I’m not a fan and it kept me far away from pisco. Now that I have tried Pisco Mistral, I won’t ever think of pisco the same. Named after Nobel Prize Chilean poet, Gabriela Mistral, this amber colored pisco is aged in oak barrels for three years. The aromas are a perfume of wood, spice, and floral notes. Personally, I just like to have it one the rocks since I love how it tastes. If you are into pisco sours or pisco cocktails, the Pisco Mistral will add a touch of elegance to your drinks. There are five versions for you choose from.

Next time you are in the wine store pursue the Chilean section. You will discover that the region has many wines made with love and passion. Explore what Chile has to offer your palate.

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