The Hustle Horoscopes- April 2021

This go round they are dedicated to career and the hustle which is the inspiration for their name. Spring is a fabulous time of year. It brings in rebirth, renewal, and rejuvenation. I think we can all use some of that right about now. Go get yours boo! The Hustle Horoscopes are for people who want to level up through […]

Blame It On The Henny…

Cognac has arrived. As you know I’m a big fan. It’s known as the king of brandy. The spirit is full of tradition, but there is some wonderful innovation going on. As you know Cognac is a favorite in the African American community. Next Saturday I’ll be getting into it during a happy hour for the New York Women’s Culinary […]

Yolanda Shoshana Live: Sippin’ with Shakespeare featuring Ortolan Rosolio Paired with Midsummer Night’s Dream

My livestream came back with a touch of Sippin’ with Shakespeare. I had the pleasure of chatting with Amy Navor and Rob Collier the creators of Ortolan Rosolio, a liquer made from heirloom roses and other botanicals. I actually didn’t know much about rosolio until Ortolan. Rosolio is an old-school Italian liqueur which derives its name from a herb called […]